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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Patents, Trademarks, Service Marks, Trade Dress, Copyrights, and Trade Secrets

We work with a wide range of clients in our intellectual property (IP) practice, from the largest multinational corporations to startups and individuals.

We help our clients resolve IP issues that come up in their day-to-day businesses and, where litigation is necessary, we vigorously represent our clients’ interests in courts across the United States.

Our IP services include:

IP litigation

We represent clients as defendants and plaintiffs in IP litigation.

We have litigated cases in courts across the United States—including “popular” venues such as the Eastern District of Texas, the District of Delaware, the Northern District of California, and the Central District of California—and before the International Trade Commission. We also have assisted with litigation in foreign jurisdictions such as Germany, the Netherlands, and South Korea.

Our partners all formerly practiced at large law firms with prominent IP practices. At WSCY, we staff our cases leanly with experienced litigators who effectively advocate for our clients from initial case assessment through trial and appeal. Our approach keeps our clients’ costs down without any sacrifice in quality. For our clients who are defendants in IP litigation, this means that we reduce the leverage that plaintiffs hope to gain by imposing litigation costs on our clients, a favored tactic of “patent trolls.” For our clients who are plaintiffs, an advantageous cost base allows them to avoid accepting “low ball” settlement offers from infringers.

Strategic IP analysis

We help our clients achieve strategic business objectives by analyzing the intellectual property owned by them or by their competitors. For instance:

  • For our clients who are looking to enter a new market, we assist them with reviewing the IP portfolios of the existing competitors to identify and avoid any IP risks.
  • We help our clients assess the value of IP portfolios offered to them for acquisition.
  • We help our clients grow and protect their IP holdings through IP registration, regular IP audits, and crafting of policies and procedures that strengthen and support IP holdings.
  • We conduct due diligence on the IP owned by the target of a potential merger or acquisition.
  • For our clients who have received an IP licensing demand or threat of litigation, we analyze the IP at issue to assess the degree of risk that it actually poses.

Trademark, service mark, trade dress, and copyright protection and brand management

We have a number of clients operating in the consumer and retail industries who have made significant investments in their unique brand images and customer goodwill. Unsurprisingly, our clients have faced upstarts attempting to benefit unfairly from the brand image and goodwill that they have worked so hard to build.

Our clients have worked tirelessly to build their brands—we work to protect them by securing trademark, service mark, trade dress, and copyright protection. We also enforce our clients’ IP rights against those who seek to take unfair advantage of our clients’ investments. We also help our clients maintain the integrity of their trademarks and trade dress by monitoring their use.

IP transactions

We assist our clients with drafting and negotiating agreements for a wide range of IP-related transactions, including licenses and transfer agreements, employment contracts with IP protection provisions, and equity investments in startups with innovative IP.